If you are seeing this page you are getting a VERY early sneak peek into the Starioverse. If you like what you see we invite you to sign up for our whitelist and get a notification when we take the project live.


Let's go ahead and answer the burning question now. I want to do an NFT project to raise money to make a whole universe of Comic Books, Animations, and Live Action Short/Full Length Films.

Why not Kickstarter, GoFundme, WeFunder, or some other fundraising method? 
We've successfully used them in the past, but this project is, to put it mildly, much bigger.

I'm very excited to say that after a lot of research and development, I've come up with NFT ideas that are both innovative and crazy fun. NFTs that will help build a strong community and provide Studio Stario with the creative freedom to create great characters and great stories.


My name is Mike Federali and I am the founder of Studio Stario. Since 2014, I have been the President and Organizer for Incredible Conventions, which puts on Pop Culture, Anime, and Comic Cons across the East Coast.

I have been Art Director and occasional artist for multiple Comic Covers from Marvel, DC, Dynamite, Archie Comics, and IDW Publishing.

Currently I am the writer for Dreamwork's Felix the Cat, an Executive Producer for Mystery Science Theater 3000, as well as a Creative Consultant for Comic Book Publishers.

In 2021 I was a Special Guest for the New York Comic Con panel on The Future of NFTs. I spoke about all the possibilities for NFTs in the Comic Book Art Space, and my interest in creating more whimsical utility for NFTS. And my belief that NFTs might provide a chance to connect with an audience in heretofore unbelievable ways.


Enough jibber jabber let's check out the cool stuff I've been developing. Not Final Art. 

MIXO-MAN is the world's first blockchain superhero. He's able to switch limbs and weapons using blockchain tech. We currently have a full issue of Mixo-Man in pre-production that will feature many of the NFT creatures.

BEEZLES. A free generative robot bee that will be airdropped once we hit certain sales goals. And a free prize drawing for any beezlekeepers. This will encourage holding and also is just a fun way to give out prizes. And once we sell all of our NFTs, the Beezles will be used for random monthly prize giveaways. 

SYNCOS are mini-bots that live in the Starioverse. They come with tons of generative variations. In addition to their combo feature (see TEAMOTRON) Holders will be able to suggest their characters for upcoming comics.

TEAMOTRON is our mighty towering hero. Teamotron can be built whenever 5 Syncos (Cinco Syncos) are collected and submitted to our generator. You'll need five different color Syncos to make TEAMOTRON, which will encourage trading of Syncos amongst the community. 

SEA BUNNIES are one of many space critters in the Starioverse. They come in a variety of colors and feature in the Mixo-Man story. SEA BUNNIES are a collab with the Beluga Bay creator.

Collect 7 Sea Bunny NFTs and we will send you a physical Sea Bunny. This is the first of many plush projects we have planned.

MOSHIMON are creatures that are able to MASH UP to be a totally new creature. Anyone with 2 Moshimon will have the option to submit them to our MOSH PIT and get an airdropped new creature creation.

EMOJIMON are each branded with a symbol on their bellies that will have a special purpose to be revealed in the future. The Emojimon pictured here will be a sidekick in the Mixo-Man series.

That's all we can show you right now but there are TONS more concepts in the works. There are 2 in particular I am just dying to show everyone but I don't want to give all the surprises away. Currently my team and I have clocked over 1,000 development hours and counting into the project. 


I want Studio Stario fans to feel like they are part of the creative team. With advanced sneak peeks, early access to merch, meetings and parties. And the knowledge that every Studio Stario NFT they purchase is helping make all of our projects possible. That even if they themselves aren't artists, they are helping create art. 


We want to invite a group of founders and NFT experts to fully prepare our Roadmap. But in the meantime, here's what we have so far:

• Pre-Launch
NFT Develpoment, Story Creation, Twitter Launch, and Discord, Social Media Giveaways

• NFT Launch
Including all variations of characters in 4 waves of 2,500.

• At 25% sold we will do our first 10k giveaway.

• At 50% sold we will do our second 10k giveaway.

• At 75% sold we will do our third 10k giveaway.

• At 100% we will announce:
Beezles Air Drop. A free Beezle for every holder. First Monthly Beezle Drawing.
First Studio Stario Comic and Graphic Novel Timeline.
Mixo-Man Comic Release.
First Studio Stario Animation Drop.
First Studio Stario Live Action Short Announcement.
Merch Shop Opening and Holders vote on Hoodie Designs.
IRL Mass Adoption Tour Plans Revealed.
Production Timeline Drop.
3 Year (or sooner) Cryptocurrency Plans.


I've thrown together this tiny behind the scenes look at some of our projects currently in development. If you think these projects look FUN then I encourage you to sign up for our Studio Stario NFT WHITE LIST to get notified when the project goes live.

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