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If you are looking for a simple mission and vision statement Studio Stario wants to CREATE new worlds with great characters and great storytelling. We want to inspire and entertain with fresh new ideas brought to life in Animation, Film, And Publishing.

Now here’s the more fun answer. Mike Federali has created a space for the wildly creative to come do their thing. After years of putting on pop culture events with Incredible Conventions, Mike decided it was time to expand into producing the projects he’d always wanted to see. “I want to stop waiting around for the next big thing and be that for ourselves.”

We’re looking for bright, hard-working folks that want to come be a part of Studio Stario. We’re looking for people that are FUN to work with so we can enjoy all the day to day grind of building together. The kind of team that can celebrate knowing that we’ve all given it everything we could to make the best, craziest entertainment we can.