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Hewitt wants to impress the local royalty and become a famous Knight. So he pays a wizard for hire to give him enough power to defeat an army. The wizard grants him a mystical feather that transforms him into SIR MURDER OF CROWS. There’s just one catch. He can’t turn back until he’s defeated the enemy. And despite his imposing name, Sir Murder can’t kill or hurt anyone. Hewitt is stuck looking like a walking talking crow that no princess could love.

Freaks flock together, so Hewitt is joined in his campaign to hunt down the cruel King Shifto by Atla the tracker, whose skin is covered by a map of the world; Page, the living encyclopedia; Roundshot, the indestructible cannonball; and Hoya, the Kittenhawk.

The adventure will take them all across the kingdom to unimaginable sites and dangers. Friendships will be forged. Enemies will be made. And Sir Murder will learn the importance of true meaning.