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The Super Spectaculars is a loving tribute to the cartoons of Jay Ward. Golden Goose leads the team along with his long time aluminum ally Proto-Typo and the fast-footed High Speed Heidi. Together they battle evil of all forms in Razzmatazz City.


When Milton Midas was bitten by the legendary Golden Goose he was granted flight, golden wings, and of course, his 20 KARAT KO PUNCH!

Milton took the name Golden Goose and swore to create a team of heroes to protect the citizens of Razzmatazz City.

Proto-Typo was the creation of the infamous mad scientist Dr. Gearo. Due to a small miscalculation in his programming, Proto-Typo was able to break free from Dr. Gearo and become a hero.

Proto-Typo can dream up and device to save the day but often there is one small quirk in the design and causes them to fall apart. Despite being made of metal, he’s the heart of the team.

High Speed Heidi is an All-American girl who loves rock n’ roll music. Thanks to her top secret bubble gum, Heidi can become the fastest girl alive for five minutes a piece.

Heidi is the newest member of The Super Spectaculars and doesn’t always agree with Golden Goose’s more old-fashioned methods.